#TechThursday: Samsung launches its new Galaxy Note 7

#TechThursday: Samsung launches its new Galaxy Note 7

Think big

Text: Jessica Zheng

The big-screen phone that does it all

With its curved screen, water-resistant coating, 12-megapixel camera, and expandable storage space, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 resembles the brand's Galaxy S7 smartphone that launched to great acclaim earlier this year. 

As with its predecessor, the Samsung Note 5, the new Note 7 also comes with a S Pen stylus, but this time around, they've made it more responsive, going further to introduce more features to the pen. The enhanced S Pen lets you create and customise GIFs from videos, translate and magnify text, and scribble memos on the screen at anytime — even when your screen is locked. Besides being waterproof, a smaller pen tip helps to facilitate a more natural writing experience.

Another feature to debut on the phone is the iris-scanning technology, a security feature that allows you to authenticate payments by simply scanning your eyeballs. Beyond fingerprint recognition, the iris recognition technology is probably the safest and most convenient way to safeguard a phone yet.

This 5.7-inch Note 7 also boasts a HDR (High Dynamic Range) display, projecting a wider range of colours that provides a cinematic experience right on a mobile phone. To make the most of the Note 7's premium display and camera quality, Samsung has also made the smartphone compatible with its virtual reality gear and Gear 360 camera. For the photography enthusiasts, there is also a Note 7 lens kit that lets you attach different lenses to the phone. With all these new functionalities, you'll find the phone fitted with an enhanced battery capacity that provides a much longer usage and shorter charging time.


Samsung Note 7 will be available from 20 August 2016 at all local telecommunication operators, authorised retailers, and Samsung Experience stores. It will be available in colours options of Black Onyx, Gold Platinum, and Silver Titanium.