#TechThursday: The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the only smartphone you’ll ever need

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#TechThursday: The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the only smartphone you’ll ever need
Behold the smartphone that can do everything. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the world in your palm

If your phone ranks up there among your essentials for existence like air and sustenance, well, that just makes you one of the million other nomophobes (aka 'no-mobile-phone phobia') on this side of the planet. Indeed, staying wired in this digital age has become the new base level of need in Maslow's hierarchy pyramid — and the Buro 24/7 team is guilty as charged.

Between cataloguing every moment via a camera lens, staying on top of your ever-burgeoning emails, and functioning as a day planner that practically logs everything, your phone is the power pocket-sized tech that helps you run your life. And which contender out there is the perfect companion for the plugged-in person, you ask? That honour goes to the Galaxy S7 and its sibling model, the S7 Edge, Samsung's new launches that makes the device you're reading this on already obsolete. How much more genius can a smartphone get? We count the ways:

Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Hello, selfie
A phone without a camera is like life without Netflix. It's a function that has superseded frivolity and is now a vital tool we tote around. With the Galaxy S7's dual pixel sensor and its lightning quick auto-focus, you won't have to fret over missing that golden headshot again. Touting the first professional grade duo-photodiodes in the Galaxy series, the brighter f1.7 aperture and larger 1.4µm pixels captures light like none other for sharp, detailed images even in dimly-lit environs. For all your group photocalls and OOTD needs, the S7's got you covered from every angle.

Samsung Galaxy S7

2. Rain or shine
We've all been there cursing at the capricious weather for ruining our phones when the skies unceremoniously decide to open up. But instead of shrink-wrapping your device to prevent water damage, the S7 does one better by sealing off the inner components to repel water and dust without the need for fiddly caps over the external USB and earphone ports. Resistant up to 1.5 metres underwater with an IP68 rating, you can banish that awkward phone-and-ear shielding pose the next time you're caught in a deluge while juggling a trans-continental work call on the go.

Samsung Galaxy S7

3. S7 for the win
Forget chunky handheld game consoles. The Galaxy S7 is the mobile setup that's got everything you need for an immersive gameplay. Featuring a hybrid SIM card tray that lets you insert a microSD card for 200GB of additional storage, the S7 runs on a Vulkan API-supported processor that provides stunning realism. Even the most graphic-heavy games play without a hitch. With a dedicated control centre that functions as your game library and gaming tool customiser — letting you mute and hide alerts, as well as adjust power settings prior to play — you'll be glued to your screen well into the wee hours. Bonus: Less battery drainage and an internal cooling system keeps your smartphone from overheating.

Samsung Galaxy S7

4. Style and substance
Beyond its slim and attractive façade, the S7 is a multi-tasking whiz that redefines design and function. Your favourite applications and contacts are now organised by creating shortcuts with a swipe of the screen. Making a call or snapping a quick shot? All your apps are easily accessed on the Edge Screen that accommodates up to nine panels for you to pin everything from memos and useful tools like a ruler or flashlight to calling a cab. Think of it as your non-corporeal PA, with the added benefit of running round the clock and a better-than-eidetic memory.

Samsung Galaxy S7

5. Full service
The launch of a revolutionary device necessitates an extraordinary service platform. Proudly presenting the Samsung Concierge specially tailored to meet the needs of local consumers, these value-added amenities let you get the most out of your Galaxy device. A whole suite of services including yearly device upgrades, data-switching assistance, and on-site discount servicing and repair delivers convenience and peace of mind whether you use your S7 for business or pleasure. A more committed or elevated mobile experience won't be found elsewhere, so you best get in line with the other techies vying for the Galaxy S7, stat.

Explore the Samsung Galaxy S7 here.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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