TechThursday: Punkt

TechThursday: Punkt

Calling time-out

Text: Denise Kok

The 'dumb phone' that helps you to disconnect

Do you dream of a world where you don't have to deal with streams of ugly baby photos on Facebook, respond to over-eager suitors on Tinder, or grapple with email bombs from your boss? On planet Punkt, this world is real. 

Amidst the sea of smartphones flooding the market, Punkt's MP 01 phone is the perfect 'dumb phone' for those looking to dodge a hyper-connected world without going cold turkey. The beauty of this phone lies in the fact that it only does two things — make phone calls and send texts.


Designed with a Muji-esque aesthetic, this welcome blast from the past charms with its minimalistic beauty. The monochromatic interface is easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. Even grandpa could master it in under five minutes. You won't find any generic ringtones here either. Norwegian sound artist Kjetil Røst Nilsen has composed an original set of ringtones for you to choose from. The phone's also built to last with damage-resistant Gorilla Glass and high-specification camera paint. The kicker? Its battery life stretches across a couple of days. 

Keen to purchase a the Punkt MP 01? Click here