New woven nylon bands for your Apple Watch

New woven nylon bands for your Apple Watch

Colour parade

Text: Denise Kok

Not your average nylon fare

The wait is finally over. Apple's new iPhone SE and iPad Pro goes on sale today. While you're amassing your new gear, why not go the whole nine yards and pick up a new band for your Apple Watch? 

Taking the art of personalisation up a notch, the team at Apple has dropped 26 new coloured bands across the entire Apple Watch Band collection, seven of which make their debut as a brand new collection boasting a woven nylon body. 

We didn't think it was possible to make nylon cool again, but well, it's Apple, and they've worked with a Japanese manufacturer to roll out these 500-thread-count bands. Inspired by the textile wristbands on military watches, the band is the result of a four-layer weave that adapts to the contours of your wrist over time. The bands are available in seven colours and two sizes — 38mm and 42mm. 

Not sure how the various bands will look against your watch case? Have a tinker at this interactive gallery. A life-saver for those of us incapable of visualising things.