#TechThursday: The military-grade waterproof battery case for your iPhone 6

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#TechThursday: The military-grade waterproof battery case for your iPhone 6
Farewell, shattered screens. It's time to beef up the armour for your iPhone 6

Let's face it, as much as we love our iPhones, they aren't the most hardy gadgets around. In fact, these slim, delicate beauties prove to be a major source of distress for those with butter fingers. If you fret about your phone the way a crazy cat lady fusses over her kitties, it's time to get acquainted with Mophie's juice pack H2PRO.

Mophie H2PRO battery case

Mophie's latest release for the iPhone 6 is a battery case that shields your phone with multiple layers of shock-absorbing material. This might put it on par with other battery cases out there, but little touches such as water-tight ports, scratch-resistant membranes, and military-grade protection places it firmly in a league of its own. Did we mention that the juice pack is waterproof, too? Dropped your phone while trekking through a muddy patch? That's barely cause for alarm. Taking your phone underwater? No problems. 

The juice pack also packs in a full-charge for those moments when your phone's power level hits the dreaded red bar. The Mophie H2PRO charges by way of a microUSB port, cleverly juicing up your iPhone before powering up the case. 


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Text: Denise Kok

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