#TechThursday: Meet Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S3

#TechThursday: Meet Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S3

Small but mighty

Text: Pramila G

Where form meets function

Sporting a metal and glass finish, a first for a Samsung tablet, the Korean tech powerhouse's latest Galaxy Tab S3 mirrors the luxurious look and feel of its popular Galaxy S7 smartphone. Casual gamers in particular have much to look forward to in this tablet. Equipped with Vulkan API 3D graphics software and not one but four speakers, you can expect to sink into a more robust and immersive gaming experience. 

It's good news for movie buffs, too. The 9.7-inch super Amoled display boasts a colour reproduction range that projects life-like images, offering Netflix-and-chill couch potatoes an immersive and elevated viewing experience.

As a productivity tool, the new and improved S Pen with a 0.7mm tip recognises over 4,096 levels of pressure, mimicing the look and feel of a real pen to an impressive degree. Whether you're scribbling flash notes or painting a digital masterpiece, the S Pen delivers on both counts. While the POGO Keyboard Cover is sold separately as an add-on, we'll recommend grabbing that too as it connects to the Galaxy Tab S3 via a POGO pin. By doing away with Bluetooth connectivity and even the need to charge a keyboard separately, the POGO Keyboard Cover is a brilliant addition for those looking to clear their emails or edit documents on the go. 

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Still not impressed? In the wake of increasing concerns around digital privacy and online security, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 comes fitted with Samsung Knox — the brand's defence-grade security platform. Here, users can utilise store private, encrypted data in a secure folder, accessible only by way of authentication methods such as biometric verification or PIN codes. 

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 will be available in Q2 of 2017.