#TechThursday: LG's latest smartphone redefines innovation

#TechThursday: LG's latest smartphone redefines innovation

One size fits all

Text: Denise Kok

The nimble transformer

As smartphones become, well, smarter, they start to mimic a Jack of all trades instead of acing it as a master of one. When you're juggling the demands of trying to be so many things at once, something's got to give, be it a shorter battery life or duller camera phone. However, LG's latest G5 android smartphone is set to change all that. 

LG G5 modular smartphone

Unveiled this week at the Mobile World Congress, the LG G5 bucks the trend of do-it-all smartphones by taking a modular approach. When paired with a suite of companion devices, the G5 deftly morphs into a digital camera, Hi-Fi player (crafted in collaboration with audio experts Bang & Olufsen), and even a controller for drones.  

Add-ons aside, the phone alone is a real treat for frequent Snapchatters and Instagrammers. Fitted with two cameras, you get to choose between shooting with a regular 16-megapixel imager or a 135-degree wide angle 8-megapixel camera. Love the old school look of film? Nine new analog film filters let you skin your images in the likeness of Kodak and Agfa film.  

Find your phone perpetually tethering at the end of its battery life? The sleek metal aluminium body of the G5 allows you to swap out your batteries for a fully-charged one — surely a step up from waiting for a power bank to fuel your dying phone. 

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