#TechThursday: An instant camera by Leica? Dreams do come true

#TechThursday: An instant camera by Leica? Dreams do come true

Analog pleasures

Text: Denise Kok

What's in a frame?

Leica's latest camera isn't a gleaming brass beauty or limited edition M-P 240 sporting the silhouette of Marina Bay Sands. The German camera producer is set to roll out a retro-styled instant camera—dubbed Leica Sofort—that lets you capture and print photos on the fly. It works in tandem with Fujifilm's Instax film and comes in three playful variation of colours — mint, orange, and white.

leica sofort

Unlike the analog Polaroid cameras of old, Leica's instant camera gives you some degree of control over the look of your photos. Choose from a variety of settings—ranging from macro to sport and action before hitting the shutter and the smart machine will calibrate the shot accordingly. If you prefer to tweak the controls manually, Leica gives you the option to do just that, too.

The ability to capture multiple exposures on the same frame echoes the modus operandi of Lomography cameras while a camera and mirror on the front of the Leica Sofort allows you to indulge in a selfie or two. 

Available at Leica boutiques from November 2016. For more information, visit Leica