#TechThursday: Promoting gender equality through emoji

#TechThursday: Promoting gender equality through emoji

Emoji equality

Text: Jessica Zheng

Image: Google

Girl power, one pixel at a time

The fight for gender equality has been going on for centuries. But the latest tool in bridging the male-female divide comes in an unexpected form — emoji. You don't have to be a hardcore feminist to realise that most of the existing emoji depicting professions such as detectives and policemen are mostly male faces while emojis featuring women come in the form of blushing brides, princesses, and dancers. This lack of diversity and representation prompted Google to start working with the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee to create a new set of emoji that better represent women in all their glory. 


To that end, we now have a new addition of 11 professional emojis in both female and males options across all skin tones. That's more than 100 new emojis to choose from. And that's not all. Unicode is also adding male and female versions to 33 more emojis. With Google promising that these additions will soon be included in future versions of Android phones and other platforms, it looks like the Emoji world is about to change for the better. It seems like gender equality begins right here with our daily digital routine.