#TechThursday: Google's latest smartphone knows everything about you

#TechThursday: Google's latest smartphone knows everything about you

Pixel perfect

Text: Denise Kok

Google Pixel is a sleek showcase of the tech giant's strength in artificial intelligence

A seamless glass-aluminium body, unlimited storage of photos and videos, and a 12.3MP camera that lets you snap photos under low-light conditions. These are but some features of Google Pixel, Google's latest Android smartphone manufactured by HTC. 

With its curved edges and slim profile, it looks uncannily like Apple's iPhone (thankfully, Google has kept the headphone jack). What Google's really pushing with this phone is Google Assistant, which goes head-to-head with iPhone's Siri. Whether you need to suss out traffic conditions to work, the top dining spots in Bali, or view the latest boutique hotel in Singapore, it's got you covered. Powered by Google Maps and the same search engine that you turn to on your desktop, Google Assistant is significantly smarter than Siri. It can even search your photos and videos and pull up pixel moments from last Christmas. 

Google Assistant knows plenty about the world. But above all, it knows plenty about you. 
At the end of the day, the more plugged in you are to Google's existing products and services, the more useful Google Assistant will prove to be. 

The Google Pixel is available in two display sizes (5 and 5.5 inch) and comes in black, silver, and a bright Google blue. Unlimited cloud storage for full-resolution photos and videos is a given. 

Google Pixel
is set to launch in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia and India. There are plans to launch the phone in more countries in the future.