#TechThursday: Speakers made for the minimalistic technophile

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Text: Rina Sariff

Hue of brass

Celebrating its 91st anniversary, the Danish electronics company – Bang & Olufsen – released its new Cool Modern collection, consisting of a sleek and elegant brass-toned range of products. Inspired by modern-day living and the elegance of the art deco movement, the latest collection is a translation of the brand's core ethos – a great appreciation for design, craftsmanship and quality. To complement the aesthetic of the brass hardware, the brand paired the products with a dark set of textiles, compromising shades of purple and blue. 

Allowing you to have a full hands-on experience of Bang & Olufsen's products, the Cool Modern collection includes its latest additions – a BeoVision 14 television and wireless speakers BeoSound 1 and BeoSound 2. The range also features its highly covetable wireless music system BeoSound 35 and BeoLab 18 speakers, which have been remodified for this collection. Previously, these pieces came in a cool tone of silver, but it now comes in warm hue of brass and the collection is set to stay permanent.