#TechThursday: The ultimate protection for your Apple Watch

Rough and tough

#TechThursday: The ultimate protection for your Apple Watch
Your sturdy companion

Your iPhone might take a tumble from time to time, but it remains safe within the embrace of formidable iPhone cases. Can the same be said for your Apple Watch? To prevent the painful stab of regret with each assault to your Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad case makers Catalyst have added a new suite of case protectors built just for the Apple Watch.
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Working alongside the raised bezel that prevents scratches on the exposed watch screen, the military-grade case is able to withstand drops of up to three feet. Go ahead and brave the elements, as the silicon case boasts a waterproof rating of IP68 — keeping your watch waterproof even at depths of five meters. It's also dust resistant, a bonus for those who find themselves in dusty conditions.

Measuring 53mm by 44.4mm and weighing a mere 35g, the case covers all the watch's bases and more — hugging its sides, lugs, straps and even the power button and digital crown. Available in Green Pop, Rescue Ranger and Stealth Black, this innovative design retains full function of the Apple Watch, with complete and direct access to the sensors on the underside and touchscreen.

The Catalyst Apple Watch Case now retails at Epicentre and Ante stores for $99. 

Text: Priscilla Tan

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