#TechThursday: A military-grade app that safeguards your personal data

#TechThursday: A military-grade app that safeguards your personal data

An electronic safe

Text: Jessica Zheng

Manage your digital assets in one app with total peace of mind

As digital transactions and information-sharing via mobile devices becoming increasingly popular these days, consumers also face a growing threat from hackers and identity thieves. Realizing this trend, the Italian luxury brand Bulgari is taking a first step to help customers safeguard their personal data and payment details with its data storage mobile app.

Developed in partnership with world-leading Swiss cybersecurity company Wisekey, Bulgari Vault provides one secure place for you to store and safely access all your important information such as passwords, credit card numbers, documents, photos, and videos. One might question just how secure this app is. Well, once the information is uploaded to the application, the app will instantly encrypt the data and transmit them onto a data cloud which is then physically stored in a military bunker buried in the Swiss Alps. The highly advanced encryption technology developed by Wisekey has been customarily used by government agencies. To ensure that only you can access to this electronic vault, the app offers four different unlocking options: Password, fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and a four-point gesture connection.

Bulgari Vault app is available on IOS and Android devices and to the public. However, for Bulgari clients, the app will soon offer personlised services related to the brand such as after-sale services, warranty activation, and more. The app will also be featured in Bulgari’s upcoming concept timepiece, Diagno Magnesium, slated to launch in early 2017.  This smartwatch can act as a key to access the Bulgari Vault on your smartphone and also as a credit card to make secure payments.


Available for download via the Apple Store or Google Play store