#TechThursday: Bid your battery woes goodbye with Boostcase

#TechThursday: Bid your battery woes goodbye with Boostcase

Power up on the go

Text: Buro. Singapore

Marrying style with functionality, Boostcase is a sleek alternative to the power bank

It's never a pretty situation when your phone's battery is down to its last five per cent and there isn't a power point in sight. Call it a classic first world problem, but we're looking for solutions nonetheless. Handy tips such as dimming the screen's brightness and swapping cellular data for Wi-Fi are always helpful, but they'll only last you for so long. That's where Boostcase comes in.

Combining the protective sleeve of the phone cover with the power of a charging station, the thin snap-on case is accompanied by a rechargeable 2700 mAh battery sleeve. That translates to over 100 per cent of battery juice —more than enough for a full day out.