Could Tada be the ride-hailing app Singapore has been waiting for?

Could Tada be the ride-hailing app Singapore has been waiting for?

We smell competition

Text: Janice Sim

This emerging app might just lead to happier customers and drivers

Ever since Uber exited our roads, it has been a trying time for savvy millennials on the go. With Grab dominating the ride-hailing scene, came the evident spike in prices during high demand, even with the entry of other apps like Ryde, Kardi and Filo Technologies.

We've lamented, groaned and even turned back to the trusty leather upholstery of ComfortDelGro taxis. But a new app has surfaced on our shores — Tada (from South Korean start-up, Mass Vehicle Ledger Foundation), which translates to "Let's ride" in Korean.

Powered by a blockchain mobility ecosystem (which accurately keeps a backlog of rides), the platform aims to protect the fares of commuters while also operating on a zero-commission system when it comes to the drivers' incomes. Sounds like a win-win situation — especially if this means travelling from one street to the next doesn't cost you an arm or a leg. Instead, surcharges will be fairly implemented during peak hour (i.e. mornings and evenings).

Tada iPhone

Rewards and reviews are also taken seriously here at Tada, which promotes an important message for prioritising customer service and safe driving during rides. Based on reviews, recognition is given fairly to responsible and safe drivers, where they will be awarded with MVL points, used to convert into MVL coins. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged with other participating vendors in MVL — be it for gas, car repairs or rental services. With this incentive set in stone, it could potentially lead to happier and more motivated drivers zipping around. 

Could this be the promising start we've been waiting for in our transportation rut? There's only one way to find out. 

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