Stylish speakers every audiophile needs at home

Stylish speakers every audiophile needs at home


Text: Janice Sim

Bluetooth speakers that look as good as they sound

Say what you want about speakers but they're no longer big clunky boxes that amplify the gift of sound. Instead, they have evolved to a higher grade of its kind. One that assimilates in today's zeitgeist — i.e. a tech gadget that looks like a piece of art.

Even with that superficiality in mind, speakers still need to fulfil its first and foremost command — an impeccable sound system. We did you a solid and rounded up our top svelte picks. These bluetooth speakers have got the goods inside, and out. 

Beosound 2

You're in good hands when you own a Bang & Olufsen. Their BeoSound 2 takes on a conical body that releases thumps of bass from beneath. Its top is where the speaker driver resides, propelling sound waves downwards into an acoustic spherical lens. Plus, let's be honest, it also looks like something straight out of a design catalogue. 


Bose Home Speaker 500 

This home speaker might seem small but it bags the widest soundstage of any smart speaker available today, while also concealing bluetooth, WiFi and Alexa in there. Its microphone is also said to be pretty formidable; it can pick up sound even in the noisiest room. You won't ever have to repeat your command. 

Stylish speakers in SIngapore

Google Home Mini

We know what you're thinking; the Google Home Mini seems more like a voice assistant. But one of the greatest perks about owning one, is that you get a solid sound system thrown in as well. How else would Google do your Michael Jackson hits justice? 

Stylish speakers in SIngapore

Sony Glass Sound Speaker LSPX-S1 

Sony's latest and coolest creation (only in stores from 10 September): a carafe, which in fact, is a glass speaker. Inside, a filament bulb that glows warmly whenever the sound is activated. With the brilllance of organic glass, what you'll be hearing is crisp, crystal clear tunes resounding from the cylindrical stunner. We're sensing a win for this unexpected material. 

Stylish speakers in SIngapore

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