Stylish wireless earphones for those on the go

Stylish wireless earphones for those on the go

Tune in

Text: Buro. Singapore

Farewell, tangled cords

As with every other B&O Play product, the Beoplay H5 wireless earbuds seamlessly combine high quality sound with a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. Sporting a braided textile cord that provides great comfort around the neck, the sweat- and moisture-resistant earpieces are perfect for music lovers that lead an active lifestyle. The earpieces have built in magnets that not only make the earphones sit more securely on your neck, but also saves battery life as it powers down automatically when you click them together.

Through the Beoplay app on your smartphone, you can also create different sound profiles to adjust the music's tonality to suit different activities. What this means is that you'll enjoy the perfect listening experience in any situation. 

To ensure perfect fit and comfort for your ears, Beoplay H5 comes with seven pairs of ear tips in different sizes and materials. The wireless earphones also have battery life that can last up to five hours per charge, which is more than enough time for you to go for a long outdoor run, a burning gym session, or even a marathon.