Spotify: Five hidden features to level up your aural experience

Spotify: Five hidden features to level up your aural experience

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Text: Sunita Kaur

Image: FunGi_(Trading)

Spotify’s Managing Director for Asia handpicks five lesser-known features to help you make the most of your jam

Created by music fans for music fans, Spotify is widely known as the world's most popular music streaming service. Not surprisingly, the Spotify team is made up of audiophiles who take their jobs a little too seriously. They tweak, test, and push out new innovations just waiting to be discovered. Here are five cool tricks proving that Spotify does more than just stream music.

1. Karaoke on Spotify


There is always that one jam that will make you burst into full sing-along mode. Get your lyrics right with Spotify's newest feature - Lyrics - powered by leading lyrics provider musiXmatch. To enable this function, click on the "LYRICS" button near the play bar and the words should flash right across your desktop player. 

2. Epic equalisers


This is a function our in-house audiophiles are very proud of.  Available on all iOS devices to premium subscribers, users can either select from a list of 22 preset settings or customise their equalisers. Meanwhile, Android users need not worry as Spotify's equaliser feature for Android devices can be accessed through the "Audio Effects" option. Head over to "Playback" in the Settings options, select your favourite settings, and enjoy your tune in its full glory.

3. Audiobooks and non-music tracks


While Spotify offers millions of local tracks and international hits, we also have a wide collection of audiobooks that bring together the best of literature, comedy, poetry and educational resources. Plug into full-length novels, fiction and non-fiction works, or even learn a new language. To access this feature, key the book title into the search bar and you might just find what you've been looking for. 

4. Collaborative playlists


If you are throwing a party with your homies but nobody can agree on the playlist, you'll do best to turn to Spotify's Collaborative Playlist feature. Simply right-click on any playlist and choose the Collaborative Playlist option. Share the link with your friends (who should also be following you) and voila, anyone can add or delete tracks on a shared playlist. Collaborative DJ-ing is the way forward.

5. Social sharing


Good music begs to be shared and Spotify has made it even easier for music fans to do so by enabling sharing through various social, web, and mobile platforms. On the desktop application, users can share songs they're listening to on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. On mobile devices, you can choose to share tunes through Facebook, email, SMS or even WhatsApp.

It is also possible to share a portion of a song you're listening to while on your computer. All you have to do is right-click on the song, select "Copy Spotify URL", and add "#" followed by the timestamp after to indicate the starting point of the song (i.e. #1:23)

Sunita Kaur, Spotify's Managing Director for Asia, drives the strategic direction for Spotify in the region as the company continues its growth across the continent. Her responsibilities include overseeing Spotify's expansion across Asia, as well as managing the region's sales division. Check out her Spotify playlist here.