Presenting soundwave tattoos, the ink that can actually speak

Presenting soundwave tattoos, the ink that can actually speak


Text: Janice Sim

If your tattoo could speak, what would it say?

There are a handful of reasons to why people get tattoos — self-expression, artistic representation, or the result of a wild night to immortalise (yes, we're talking tramp stamps). But more so than ever, the general population usually get inked to commemorate a memory or something that means a great deal to them.

Taking this tribute up a notch is a brilliant app called Skin Motion, where you can now embed an actual audio file onto your body with the help of ink and needles. Dubbed soundwave tattoos, the idea was conceived by Nate Siggard, a tattoo artist based in Los Angeles, who wanted to create tattoos that people could actually hear. How does it work? All you have to do is to record and upload a one-minute audio recording onto the app, which will then generate its own soundwave stencil. Once that's done, bring it to a Skin Motion certified tattoo artist to seal the deal. Once that's done, you'll be able to use the app to play the audio squiggles on your body, over and over again. 

It could be the sweet nothings of your loved one, or your favourite quote by a late musician who went too soon — these audible tattoos breathe life and sentiment into good old-fashioned ink with the formidable work of technology. To that, we say kudos once again, to the phenomenal world of augmented reality.

Soundwave tattoos are now available for pre-order. They can only be done by registered Skin Motion certified artists.