These tiny earphones can blot out a whole lot of noise

These tiny earphones can blot out a whole lot of noise

Small but mighty

Text: Denise Kok

If you've been hunting for noise-cancelling headphones, you've probably come across many products that claim to do just that, but falter by miles.

For one, there are two ways in which earphones work to block out noise. The first works by isolating external sounds. Over-ear headphones or those fitted with earbuds that form a snug seal around your ears act as a barrier of sorts between your ear canal and noise from your surroundings. The second kind of earphones generate counter-signals to effectively cancel out soundswaves. They tend to be the most effective of the lot, but with so much going on, music quality sometimes takes a hit. Sony's latest MDR-EX750NA noise cancelling in-ear headphones belong to this category, but it's been updated to deliver high-resolution audio so that you can enjoy your playlist even in the noisiest of places. 

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How exactly does it work? Here's where it gets a little techy. The in-ear headphones are fitted with battery-powered noise sensor- and -automatic AI noise-cancelling technologies that help to filter out any unwanted sounds. With these mechanics in place, Sony claims to have developed the world's first digital noise cancelling high-resolution audio compatible in-ear headphones. With a vibrant range of colours to choose from, along with a price point of $199, you certainly won't be breaking the bank to upgrade your current set of headphones. It's perfect for rush-hour commutes or those who work in noisy offices and co-working spaces. 

Available from Sony stores, Sony centres, and authorised dealers from mid-October 2015. For more information, click here