Sonos x IKEA's Symfonisk collection: Smart speakers that double up as a bookshelf and lamp

Sonos x IKEA's Symfonisk collection: Smart speakers that double up as a bookshelf and lamp

Two is better than one

Text: Corinne Cheah

It's 2019. A lamp, shouldn't be just a lamp. 

In your house, you'll probably find a bedside table cluttered with your personal belongings or a microwave that's basically just a box until you use it to heat up your food. What do they have in common? They all serve a single purpose. But not in the dream range from consumer electronics company Sonos and IKEA; their joint collaboration (which took three years to materialise) titled Symfonisk, comprises of Wi-Fi enabled speakers that are crafted and purposed as everyday furniture. In this case, they come in the form of a small bookshelf and bedside lamp. 

As part of IKEA's Home Smart offerings, the speaker lamp and bookshelf speaker will play to the strength of Sonos' sound performance and the Swedish furniture retailer's signature stylish aesthetic. Currently, the range comes in the colours of black, white, gray and gold; steering away from some of the more familiar colourful arrays of IKEA's household catalogue. Despite its seemingly small size, the bookshelf speaker can hold up to 3kg and positioned horizontally on the wall, vertically in shelves or affixed to a kitchen rail. Both devices can be controlled by the Sonos app while its integration ability allows you to join pre-existing multi-room setups. 


Not only will you get a speaker and a bookshelf with just one purchase, this multi-functional invention also gifts you the luxury of space. It's all about smart living, where less is more in your abode. While we patiently wait for the actual release of the range in stores, we have been reassured by head of IKEA's Home Smart division, Björn Block that there's more to expect from this long collaboration. Good things come to those who wait. 

The Symfonisk range will be available at IKEA's physical and online stores from August 2019.