Capture the perfect slow-motion shot with Sony’s RX100 IV camera

Capture the perfect slow-motion shot with Sony’s RX100 IV camera

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Text: Denise Kok

Image: Sony,
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Wing it like a pro

Slow-motion videos ooze more drama than the Kardashians combined. Layer a soundtrack on crescendo and you have yourself a cinematic nugget to impress your friends with. Anyone who's tried to orchestrate a slow-mo shot will know that capturing the perfect moment is no mean feat. However, the latest addition to Sony's popular Cyber-shot RX Series could very well be your go-to camera for the task. 

Sony RX100 IV

If you're expecting this miracle worker to be a bulky DSLR, you'll be pleasantly surprised. The RX100 IV, which arrives in stores 16 July, is a compact camera that delivers beyond its size. Compared to its predecessors, this model comes fitted with a 1.0 type stacked Exmor RS CMOS sensor. Technicalities aside, what this means is that the camera is capable of recording slow-motion videos up to 40 times slower than the standard rate. At 960 frames per second, the impressive device captures even the most minute details that elude the naked eye. Beyond videos, that same attention to detail also plays out in photos. Whether you're capturing a shot of your pet dog shaking out water after a bath or even a butterfly in mid-flight, the RX100 IV delivers, and at 298g, this little camera holds its weight against the big boys.

The Sony RX100 IV is available from 16 July 2015. For more information, click here