#TechThursday: Samsung’s latest smartwatch lets you go phone-free for days

#TechThursday: Samsung’s latest smartwatch lets you go phone-free for days

Digital cleanse

Text: Bianca Husodo

Unplugged yet connected

We all need a digital cleanse every now and then, to go unplugged and enjoy moments wholly. But just because you’re taking off days from replying work emails and liking Instagram posts doesn’t mean you should be completely disconnected like a Stone Age primitive. Well, setting you free from your phone in the best possible way is Samsung’s Gear S3 frontier smartwatch.

Built to go without a recharge for up to four days, the Gear S3 frontier is the agile travelling buddy that lets you stay on the map sans the weight of your phone. From tracking progress of your daily runs to your golf score on the green, its built-in GPS monitors all daily fitness activities. Go on and brave the elements, as the smartwatch is both water and dust resistant. Can’t live without aural pleasures? Put on the Bluetooth headset and play your favourite playlist, the 4GB internal memory means your go-to tracks are always at hand.

samsung gear s3 smartwatch

Don’t worry about missing an important call — this timepiece lets you make or take calls through a built-in speaker without having to break your phone screen hiatus. A simple twist of the bezel lets you turn off the alarm, access Samsung Pay, turn up the volume, scroll through the only apps you need, while keeping digitised contact at its minimum.

Design-wise, the Gear S3 frontier evokes a rugged, daunting look that transcends from boardroom-appropriate to mountain trekking-ready. Made of 1.3-inch Super AMOLED display, the face seamlessly mimicks the look of a true watch. Framed by all-black stainless steel bezel and crown, the timepiece chicly blends form and function. Bands are swappable from classic black leather to orange-red alligator grain leather.

Available at all local telecommunication operators, consumer electronics stores, authorised retailers, and Samsung Experience Stores for $548 from 19 November. For more information, click here.