Samsung Galaxy S20: Singapore's first 5G smartphone with AI camera technologies and rapid Internet speed

Samsung Galaxy S20: Singapore's first 5G smartphone with AI camera technologies and rapid Internet speed

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Text: Natasha Khoury

5G was a buzzword that circulated around quite a bit in 2019. But this year is the official milestone of it actually coming to fruition, at least on our shores. And the first brand to make it happen is none other than South Korean tech maven Samsung. Its new arsenal of devices this year marks a groundbreaking upgrade that is the jump from 4G to 5G.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

First up, the foldable Galaxy Z Flip (after last year's foray into foldables with the inaugural Galaxy Fold) and the launch of Galaxy S20, the first of its brand new series of 5G smartphones. Its features encompass AI supported by Samsung image sensors, producing spectacular image quality as a result. If that's got you feeling bright-eyed, you will be pleased to know there are not one but three versions to choose from. The Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+, and Galaxy S20 Ultra. As their names suggest, the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra are exalted iterations of the Galaxy S20 and they offer up both sub-6 and mmWave  essentially enhanced coverage and immense speed capacity at your leisurely disposal. May you never have to utter the words: "The internet is so slow" again.

Samsung Galaxy S20

What's in it for us?

When buying a phone, the most sought-after feature is a stellar camera of course. And with many top camera phones readily available in the market, the dilemma results in a crippling choice paralysis. Samsung aims to distinguish themselves from the saturated market through their compelling camera resolution, sharp 30X to 100X zoom, Single Take including a number of photos and videos captured at once and Pro-Grade Filming with 8K video shooting  perfect for those adrenaline-pumping action shots. Other cool features include a personalised soundtrack in accordance to your own routine and a Google Duo video chat with exclusive features available only on the Galaxy S20. Now if you're anything like us, binge-watching YouTube videos is now second nature. With the trusty aid of the 5G rapid internet speed, it has not only become far too easy to go down the rabbit hole, but you can even upload your 8K videos directly to YouTube hassle-free at Usain Bolt upload speeds  this one's for you, content creators.

Aside from the Google Duo collaboration, Samsung has also collaborated with Netflix to give you bonus content and improved integration. More couch marathons? Yes please. On the other hand, if your ideal night is sitting on your bedroom floor playing skill-based card games on your phone or just plain old Candy Crush, the Galaxy S20 also offers a powerful gaming feature that you can't ignore. Credits to its 120Hz display with fast processor abilities, which gives an all new meaning to video gaming on-the-go. With this device, you'll also find long-lasting battery, super fast charging, and a massive storage space. To think this is only just the beginning of what's to come...

Samsung Galaxy S20

The Galaxy S20 series will be available in various classic colors (Cosmic Grey, Cloud Blue, Cloud Pink) starting March 6, 2020.