Review: Sandbox VR and what you can expect from their latest futuristic gameplay

Review: Sandbox VR and what you can expect from their latest futuristic gameplay

Glimpse into the future

Text: Corinne Cheah

The future is not too distant — having taken a peek at Sandbox VR. The virtual experience will take you to the land of Dim Sum in the year 2088, where an invasion happens and you're humanity's last line of defence tasked with escorting a mysterious package. Their third and latest game "Amber Sky 2088" brings you 35 minutes of adrenaline-filled gameplay. Get up close to aliens on a rampage and flying motherships — as you kill them with your guns and a boomerang-like shield that comes flying back to you.  

As with every high-tech driven activity, the group of us had to undergo a brief introduction and proceeded to suit up in motion-capture devices on our wrists and ankles. For the full multi-sensory experience, a VR head-mounted display, a headset, a backpack PC and a haptic tactsuit with more than 40 vibration sensors were also fitted onto us. Defenders and attackers had to be picked out from the group; the former was given a rifle with the additional benefit of being a flamethrower while the latter was given a pistol and a virtual shield that doubles as a weapon of defence and an alien killer mechanism. Once all the technicalities were carried out, the fun begins with 30 minutes of efficient communication and dodging action that we reckon NSmen would fondly recall. Sandbox

If we could sum up the entire game experience? Realistic and heart-palpitating intensity. Albeit feeling a little awkward initially decked out in heavy tech gear from head to toe; it slowly turned into wonderment as our surroundings transformed into a cargo-like lift that brings you up a skyscraper. Teamwork is pivotal as you and your teammates attempt to wipe out aliens running towards you on the ground and their motherships in the air — all while trying to ensure that you are not wiped out by them first. To make the experience more realistic, every time you get hit by flying bullets or attacked by the enemy, the haptic tactsuit will vibrate according to where you were struck  allowing you to feel every hit. Once the game is finished, players are invited to review their generated video highlights in-store and the opportunity to share it with friends. Whether you are looking for a change of scenery or game for an exhilarating experience over the weekend, Sandbox VR might just be your escape. 

181 Orchard Rd, Tel: 9832 5988
Opening hours: (Mon-Thurs) 1pm-10.30pm, (Fri) 11.30am-12.30am, (Sat) 10.30am-12am, (Sun) 10.30am-10.30pm

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