Review of Apple's new iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, iPad OS: Multi-tasking made easier on the go

Review of Apple's new iPad Pro, Magic Keyboard, iPad OS: Multi-tasking made easier on the go

Nifty contender

Text: Janice Sim

When it comes to evaluating the role of a tablet, there always seems to be a compromise when trading in a heavier weight of a laptop for a handy device. After all, there's a reason to why both remain in their individual categories, while steadfast to the needs of its groups of consumers.

iPad Pro 2020

Apple's iPad Pro 2020 is about to challenge that notion — well with the help of a dapper Magic Keyboard that is. But even by itself, the iPad Pro swoops in, looking every bit like its predecessor. It still holds a firm grip with a slim body weighing below 500g. But what's certainly different within, is its new A12Z Bionic chip, which grants you an 8-core graphics engine. Essentially, this is the strongest chip ever found in an iPad, fueling a standout performance when it comes to powering up the emerging apps in the market right now.

iPad Pro

Colours fill in beautifully here, with a Liquid Retina that bleeds out edge to edge. It has a pixel resolution of 2388 x 1668. Vivid visuals will begin as soon as your home screen comes on, while extending the same treatment to your photos, videos, apps, and games.

iPad Pro camera

Lights, camera, action

And here we were, holding on to an iPad as we would as a makeshift laptop. But the thing is the new iPad Pro veers into the expertise of another gadget — the camera. There's an extra 10MP Ultra Wide camera that zooms out twice as much to capture a wider field of view. Creatives can carry it on for shoots — that includes 4k videos, with five studio quality microphones planted in the new iPad Pro. Think crisp, clean audio that speaks louder than what we're typing out right now. Of course, by default, that means an instant upgrade to your Apple TV sessions.


AR coming through...

For folks who delve deep in AR for work matters and personal endeavours, its breakthrough LiDAR Scanner is really, more of a sweetener. The A12Z Bionic lends a hand in this, pooling in computer vision algorithms to support AR apps like IKEA Place. Measurements will also be more accurate from here on out, whether it be perceiving objects or people.

Magic Keyboard and that life-changing cursor

The aforementioned features are sealed into one sleek device. And with the additional accessories like the Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil, it's really about making the user experience more seamless, depending on how reliant you are on a trackpad and actual keys to type on. It does means a great deal, alongside the new iPad OS 13.4, because with the new OS, you'll see a cursor. Not just any cursor, but one that's integrative and fluid. From simple work-related actions like highlighting text, editing words, and organisation of spreadsheets, the cursor will elevate all of the above. Everything will be much easier, faster, and cleaner. And just to remind you, you're doing all that from a tablet.

iPad AR

While it's not ever going to match up to the functionalities and tech specs of the Macbook, it comes in pretty close, depending on what you're currently getting out of a laptop. Add to that, an impressive battery life that beats out the recent Macbook Air, and there might just be more use for the iPad's accessories from here on out. All that's probably missing is the headphone jack (that we've been oddly nostalgic about), but then again, you can't always get what you want.

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