Quandoo taps on Instagram and Facebook to revolutionise restaurant reservations

Quandoo taps on Instagram and Facebook to revolutionise restaurant reservations

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Text: Janice Sim

Making a reservation at your favourite restaurant can now be easily done on Instagram

We're a pretty lucky bunch, given the many ways to snag a seat at your favourite restaurant. One: you could call. Two: you could head to their website to make a reservation. Or three: you can now easily do it on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram — via reservation platform Quandoo.

Safe to say, we're scrapping the first two options and diving deeper into the world of social apps. After all, it's where we squander the bulk of our mobile data anyway.

The German company's big move to social media marks the first for Singapore's diners. Read: they are here to shake the realm of reservations up. Users can simply tap on the reservation button on a restaurant's Instagram account and are instantly directed to the Quandoo booking widget to finalise their reservations. Of course, the revolutionary function is relatively recent — with only a handful of our city's F&B establishments like Mezza9, Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall and Stellar at 1-Altitude jumping on the 'Reserve' button wagon.

Quandoo Mezza9

Alternatively, if you need a little inspiration for your dinner spot, you can utilise their Facebook chatbot, Q-chat. The smart messenger app functions as a nifty F&B concierge, which susses out prospective restaurants through intuitive filters like "restaurants near me" and "particular cuisine". Once you have found the perfect recommendation, the booking can then be finalised immediately via the chatbot.    

Quandoo Singapore restaurant reservations app

In the grander scheme of things, Quandoo has also taken the necessary measures to safeguard restaurants with its credit card secure booking system. In the event of last minute cancellations and no-shows, users are required to put down a deposit to secure their reservations.

Reservations hardly seem like a chore, no more. Now there's zero excuse for mindless walk-ins — all the legwork has been done for you.   

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