Polaroid Snap takes the 89-year-old analog brand into the digital age

Polaroid Snap takes the 89-year-old analog brand into the digital age

Instant gratification

Text: Denise Kok

Image: Polaroid

More than just a toy camera, Polaroid Snap might very well have you ditching your iPhones

In a digital age where Instagram and Snapchat reigns supreme, it almost seems like there is barely room for analog brands such as Polaroid to flourish. Thankfully, the 89-year-old Polaroid brand isn't going down with a fight. They've updated their analog sensibilities with digital imaging technologies to introduce the Polaroid Snap — one of the most interesting products to emerge from this year's IFA2015. 

Polaroid snap

The Polaroid Snap is what the brand dubs an 'instant digital camera'. However, its charming contemporary design laced with retro stylings sets it apart from the sea of digital cameras from major electronic manufacturers. In a nod to the Polaroid cameras of old, the Polaroid Snap allows you to print out your photos — but this time around with zero-ink printing technology. Developed by ZINK, the ink-free system uses heat to activate and colourise patented ZINK papers to produce full-colour, smudge-proof images. 

Polaroid Snap

If you don't wish to print out any photos (but why wouldn't you?), you can also choose to store your snaps in a Micro SD card and upload them later to your computer or social media platform of choice. The 10MP camera lets you shoot in colour, black and white, or in the classic vintage colours an old Polaroid camera would produce.