Parking apps that every driver in Singapore will need

Parking apps that every driver in Singapore will need

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Text: Corinne Cheah

Something's got to give — even if you do own the hottest wheels in Singapore, there's always parking to furrow your brows over. Cue the endless circling around unfamiliar 'hoods or worst case scenario, you're stuck at a gantry with a cashcard with insufficent funds. Times like this, you wish for fellow drivers to wait patiently, but unfortunately, patience is a sacred virtue on our shores. Especially on the roads. Thankfully, we have technology to make things a little less painful — here are some apps that every self-assured driver in Singapore should have in their phones.

Remember the times when our parents would whip out stacks of parking coupons and anxiously check to ensure that they had tore off the right perforated option? Gone are those days, now that we have the app. All you need to do is key in your vehicle number, select your car park and specify your estimated parking duration — charges will immediately be calculated. Running a little over your estimated shopping time? You will be alerted 10 minutes before your session expires, letting you extend if there's a need. Plus point: any unused parking time will be refunded — making your money's

Carpark rates

Gone are the days to squint at the hourly rates of parking displayed on board from a distance, you can now do that simply with the launch of the app as it provides parking rates from over 700 carparks islandwide. The 'Nearby Carpark' function notifies you of the cheapest carpark option that is located nearest to you. In addition, the 'Lot Availability' function is equipped with real-time updates that inform you of available spaces in major car parks.Carpark rates

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Those queueing for their BTO would be familiar with this app — it provides applicants with available flats and their probable completion dates. Turns out, the app also has an entire set of features related to HDB, other than BTO. Apart from purchasing or renewing your season parking, it is the one-stop app for paying HDB summons and finding out the location of HDB's car parks and their available lots. Mobile@HDB


What started as the digital platform for residents to report municipal issues without fretting over which relevant government agencies to approach, features of the app have also been extended to motorists. With the 'Find Parking' and 'Start Parking' modules, the former aids in locating parking lots as well as information on their rates, availability and parking hours; while the latter assists in the processing of payment for parking charges that will be done so directly through the app. One Service


All apps are available for download on iOS and Android.