Online games for group hangouts: Skribbl, Quizup, Houseparty, Codenames, and more

Online games for group hangouts: Skribbl, Quizup, Houseparty, Codenames, and more

Stay home Saturday

Text: Anna Aye

It's been a while since we've had a physical hang with our best mates or even our significant others that aren't living with us. While Zoom calls and Google Meets are handy platforms for catching up on all that lost time away from each other, there's only so much one can catch up on before running out of things to lament about. To fill that gap, the next best thing to do is throw a virtual gaming party — an entertaining distraction from all the bad news swirling around. With the wonders of technology, it's easier than ever to host a good session with these existing platforms. Have a good laugh, trash your pals, and perhaps sharpen those illustration skills — here's where to have fun this weekend.


    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it anything at all? Watching your friends try their very best to formulate a drawing with the pen tool under a minute has never been more entertaining. has come to save homebodies from circuit breaker gloom, letting up to 12 players illustrate words for their friends to guess.



    Another iteration of the io family is Slither, which happens to be on the list of the most popular games on the App store today. In this game, you're a cute worm that's wiggling around the screen trying to collect orbs to increase your size. Reminds us of Snake, that nostalgic game we used to own on our Nokia 3360.

    3. Houseparty

    Throwing an actual house party now might not seem like such a good idea, but a virtual one on the Houseparty app does the trick just fine. With four games — Heads Up!, Trivia, Chips and Guac, Quick Draw! — you and your squad can congregate over a video call while competing in these games on Houseparty.


    4. Quizup

    If you've got friends who are trivia junkies, hit up Quizup. Making waves back in 2013, Quizup is having a major comeback during this period of isolation — with a fleet of topics and user-friendly social networking tools within the app itself.

    5. Codenames

    The interface might not look like much, but for those who love the board game version of Codenames and the beauty of wordplay, the online installation migrates the basics of the game in. Have a Skype or Zoom call running at the same time while playing a session of Codenames, and it will feel just like pre-Covid times.


    6. Psych!

    Psych! is the name, and outwitting your friends is the game. A player reveals false information but slips in some real facts, while other players in the game are supposed to figure out the fake answers to these real trivia questions. Don't we all love a good game with a healthy amount of deception?


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