Online dating a la @notadatingapp on Instagram: A different approach from apps like Tinder and Bumble

Online dating a la @notadatingapp on Instagram: A different approach from apps like Tinder and Bumble

App fatigue

Text: Azrin Tan

Image: Instagram @notadatingapp

There is freedom in being single, but there are also perils. Superflous pick-up lines and a chock-full of Tinder memes living in your head rent free. The thing with dating applications; from Tinder to Bumble, our potential interactions are primarily based on our initial swiping process in the first place and how good the person looks in your books.

For a fresh take, enter Not A Dating App (NADA) or @notadatingapp on Instagram. The date? Confirmed. The person? Not so much. The Instagram profile is well — exactly as it claims to be — not a dating app. No such thing as swiping fatigue or cringey humor that sometimes lingers for a little too long in the open chat rooms, often filled with uneventful conversations. No such thing as superficial glossing over people and then hoping that 'the one' somehow exists in the 20 or so people we've (sorta) agreed to interact with.

NADA is an alternative dating service where all that initial filtering work — is already done for you. You pick a date, an activity of your choice, and just well... show up for a good time. The dating gurus behind @notadatingapp saw the potential to change the current culture of modern dating — by cutting out the deadening and endless messaging — and strike a balance in-between.

By creating and preparing a range of activity-driven dates, both virtual and physical, the online dating scene that millennials have gotten used to is now reversed. You fill up a Google form of various things: indicating your choice of activity, general interests, personality type, sexuality, what you're looking for in a date, and even your love language — and await the NADA team to matchmake you to someone they deem fit.

So is it a blind date? Sure it is, with a person that has chosen the same activities you did, who most probably share the same interests with you, and might even be your physical type if the hands at work are indeed as godly as they've dubbed to be. But think of it as encountering someone organically; it could be a newfound friend, possibly an old primary school classmate, and perhaps your potential life partner.

The date activities are multifarious — from casual drinking and being brutally honest with one another over the virtual cam, to playing old school games in a physical cafe. Choose something you like, fill up a form and that's it, you're good to go. Who knows, you just might find yourself going on a second date with this person you've technically never met before.

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