The all-new Nokia 3310 is a real blast from the past

The all-new Nokia 3310 is a real blast from the past


Text: Janice Sim

The revival of an iconic phone we all used to know

If you're an '80s or '90s kid, this piece of news will definitely tug on your heartstrings. Long before the days of 4G and the Kardashians, the Nokia 3310 was all we needed. It was our first (gadget) love that allowed us to call and text our friends, and yes, back then even our mums. It was also hardy enough to survive the countless drops and knocks — basically the coolest thing we owned.

All that went away as the years flew by, and we're now clutching onto our iPhone 8s (and soon, the iPhone X with facial recognition tools) for dear life. But for those who love a visit down memory lane, please meet the all-new Nokia 3310 3G.

Nokia 3310

While retaining its original classic build and real buttons (hello, furious typing), the spiffy reboot boasts a fresh new user interface as well as bright, bold hues that we've never seen before. Think pop-arty hues like neon yellow and reddish orange. In terms of functions, the same old ones are still solidly in place — such as camera, video, text message (Whatsapp who?), alarm, radio, and music player.

What's different? You can now customise the various icons within the screen — whether it be changing its colours or placement. Just like our smartphones, users can now position their favourite apps in the Nokia 3310 3G wherever they want it to be.

The model also comes equipped with a 3G data connection that encourages web browsing, but doesn't quite apply to the array of social media apps we've been hooked on. To fill the void for entertainment, users can instead revisit our favourite under-our-school-desk game — Snake. Remember the days when we could spend hours trying to break our personal record? Yes, you can now relive the good ol' times.

Nokia 3310

Without the excess baggage of Wi-Fi or social media, this also means that the Nokia 3310 retains its long-revered reputation of a lasting battery life. Believe it or not, you can actually go without charging for days. Now, that's a breakthrough in today's day and age. 

Why should you get the Nokia 3310 3G? First of all, if we could so boldly presume, it's clearly the tech comeback of the year. Also if you're looking for a social media detox, this could be a good alternative to fall back on. Lastly, it's a perfect starter phone for your little ones — let's face it, we can't actually trust them with a smartphone with a $1,000 price tag, can we?  

Now available at all major authorised retailers.