Netflix hacks to get the most out of your paid streaming subscription

Netflix hacks to get the most out of your paid streaming subscription

Hidden tricks

Text: Jean Chua

Netflix isn't just an online streaming platform, it's a way of life. Whether you're a paid user, or just leeching off your ex's subscription, it's hard to imagine our days without flipping through the excess of viewing pleasure on the streaming service. But if you think watching Bridgerton in 1080p quality ad-free is the only perk of a Netflix subscription, think again — there are many hacks you're missing out that could be enhancing your viewing experience to become a much better one. Here's the full download to get more bang for your buck.

Guilty of bed binging? Just flip the screen.

All bed bingers guilty of using their computers to watch Netflix whilst lying on their bed would be familiar with the problem of struggling to find the right angle. What most people don't know is that the Netflix screen is actually rotatable, just like your iPhone. Simply download Netflix Flip using Chrome Extension that will rotate the screen 90 degrees so you can now comfortably watch Netflix whilst lying on your side.

Wipe your viewing history clean

If you're co-sharing the account with your friends or family, there's a chance you could get caught binging trashy reality TV. After all, Netflix's pesky viewing history seems hell bent on exposing our guilty obsessions, since every single title you've ever watched always pops up there. Cue the 'Continue Watching' and 'Because you've watched xxx' shame. Well, fret not — you can actually erase these embarrassing titles from your viewing history, just head to Your Account > Drop down your profile menu > Viewing Activity and you'll be able to omit anything you want from your Netflix watch history with a simple swipe. And they say you can't cover your tracks when it comes to the Internet, eh?

Download shows to watch even while on Airplane Mode

Want to maximise your time by watching an episode on the one hour train ride to work but you're scared the Wifi won't hold up as the train heads underground? Plot twist: you don't actually need Wifi to stream movies & shows anymore now. Just download the Netflix app on your phone and download the episodes you want, and you'll be free to stream anytime, anywhere — even without Wifi.

Watch Netflix at off-peak hours for faster & more HD video quality

Just like how you get a better commute experience when you take the bus at off-peak hours, you'll also get a better viewing experience when you watch Netflix at off-peak hours. During low-traffic hours when less people are using Netflix, the system will be less clogged up, contributing to better loading speed and higher video quality. 3am night binges, anyone?

Get IMDb ratings on movies so you can make a more informed decision

Netflix has a way of plaguing us with choice paralysis due to the extensive range of titles available on the site. And if you're one of those people who can't just plunge right into a movie without taking a look at the ratings, consider using Chrome extensions, which offer the feature IMDb Ratings on Netflix. Now you'll be able to casually view the IMDb ratings for any show when you hover over the title on your TV screen instead of having to manually whip out your phone to google the show's title.

Let Netflix pick your next show for you

If you thought only Spotify has shuffle play, think again — Netflix has it too. Its new function Shuffle Play, taps on an algorithm to play a show based on your previous viewing history. Not a random chance at all.

Create multiple profiles to organise your genres

We all have different moods when it comes to TV. There are days when we're in the mood for cliche rom-coms, or days when we feel like watching horror thrillers. Rather than watch everything using the same profile, why not create multiple profiles with each profile being for a different genre so you can curate and customise your Netflix recommendations according to genre for a much smoother browsing experience.

Get first dibs on what's coming soon to Netflix

Simply click on the Coming Soon icon on Netflix to see which new shows and movies are joining the club, and while you're at it, you can bookmark the titles that already intrigue you based on the preview and trailers.

Kick leeches off your account

So your nightmare ex is still lurking around in your Netflix account, and as if her leeching off your subscription isn't bad enough, she's also messing around with your algorithm with her terrible taste in shows. Just ban the parasites by going to My account > Sign out of all devices. Byeee, Felish.

No more buffering

Our biggest nightmare has just got to be our screens freezing up while we're in the climax of the show. While playing a title, hold down Ctrl+Shift+Opt/Alt+S to open up a "hidden" menu with buffering fixes. No more screens buffering in the middle of a much-awaited confrontation scene, please.

Say bye to annoying pop-ups

As you're in your 9th episode of the day, Netflix tends to send a message "Are you still watching?" that sometimes feels like a personal attack on our lifestyle choices. If you hate being reminded of your binge-watching tendencies, the handy Chrome extension 'Never Ending Netflix' is your new best friend.

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