Neopets celebrates its 20th year with a fully mobile smartphone app

Neopets celebrates its 20th year with a fully mobile smartphone app

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Text: Corinne Cheah

The mere mention of Neopets might bring us back to the early 2000s when it was all the rage. A throwback to when the biggest dilemma was whether we would adopt Shoryu, Jubjub or Usul and our biggest responsibility was making sure that we logged in online daily, fed them and not leave them to die. For many of us, Neopets was more than a virtual character — they were the cute pets we could take ownership of without the risk of being a burden. 20 years later and into the digital age, Neopets is back to jeopardise our productivity — yes our favorite childhood pet-sitting game is going fully mobile. 

Without compromising the classic Neopets experience, users can still expect to customise your pet with clothes, accessories and furnish their little abode with wallpaper and flooring — which takes place in the virtual world of Neopia. In addition, the same core features of events, dailies and freebie dispensaries like the money tree and the giant omelette will still be present in the new Neopets app. Want to pick a fight? You can still send your Neopet to battle with other Neopets or non-player characters in the Battledome.


The feverish anticipation of Neopet's mobile release is not only felt amongst '90s babies but also Comic-Con 2019 as they had recently announced they will feature "unprecedented celebrations, events and prizes to honor this milestone for the entire Neopets community". Just like any other millennial, we can't wait to bring back a part of our childhood with Neopets installed in our handy devices. 

Neopets mobile is slated for Summer 2019 release and will be available on iOS and Apple store.