National Day 2018: 5 important lessons about the occasion according to Google

National Day 2018: 5 important lessons about the occasion according to Google


Text: Janice Sim

The localised Google Assistant has quite a few things to say regarding our nation's birthday celebration

Every National Day, the same-but-different shenanigans paint our town red (and white). As much as the festivities get grander each year, we find ourselves focused on the same exhilarating air shows, mesmerising parades and mandatory closing of fireworks colouring our beautiful skyline. At times, it almost feels like we're just going through the motions. So we turned to our nifty Google Assistant — and funnily enough, she had some fresh insights to share with regards to the annual parade. Here's what we learnt: 

1. It doesn't matter what song we're singing this year

It could be 'Home' by Kit Chan or Charlie Lim's spin on the age-old, 'We are Singapore'; whichever it is, it only matters when we sing it. 

NDP google

2. Home is where your people are 

Didn't manage to snag tickets to the parade this year? Look around you — as long as you're with the people you call family, that's the best form of celebration. 

NDP google

3. Mascots deserve more praise

The bottom line is, we're not showing enough love to our local mascots. You either laugh or ignore their existence. Underneath the thick foam bodysuit of Merli, is one hard worker taking on the role of Singapore's mythical symbol. 

NDP google

4. We're witnessing one of the wonders of Singapore

It's a yearly event when the entire Singapore gathers to witness a parade built on blood, sweat and tears. Any event that involves a collective effort to honour Singapore, could be dubbed a true wonder.  

NDP google

5. Every clap counts

At the end of the day, it's all about a team effort. Your round of applause could actually mean more than you think.

NDP google

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