@MusingMutley: Review of the Apple AirPods

@MusingMutley: Review of the Apple AirPods

Pros and cons

Text: Norman Tan

Apple AirPods: To buy or not to buy?

For Christmas this year, I spent the entire weekend literally tethered to my iPhone and MacBook Air. Not because I have some separation anxiety from technology (and for those of you who follow me on @musingmutley, y'all know that I love a cheeky IG story) but because — for reasons that are best left unmentioned — we were left high and dry on a super important digital project. Panic stations. New partners were roped in last minute to save the day. (Shout out to our mate Stefan van der Bijl for working all Christmas weekend to pull it off. Mad props.) In the end, on Christmas Day, we finally launched the interactive microsite. Late, but looks great. Everyone happy. Thank. You. Jesus.  

You know what really helped throughout the whole ordeal? I mean, besides copious amounts of coffee and praying like there's no tomorrow? Intermissions of silent disco dancing (okay, maybe not so silent) with Apple AirPods to Sexual by NEIKED. (No, I wasn't naked, the band's called NEIKED.) So good. Which reminded me: Stacks of people have been asking me what I think about the wireless Apple AirPods; and ultimately, whether they should order a pair. Well, after a little ponder, here's my list of pros and cons. You be the judge.

Apple AirPods and iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black


First up, sound quality on point. Impressive.

It's also super easy to sync. Also syncs — with the push of a button — to MacBooks, iPads and other Apple devices. Note: Will not sync with someone else's iPhone so you can eaves drop on their call. But maybe I just wasn't close enough? 

You know when you share earphones with your mate, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone who dares ask, "Whatcha listening to?", but have to do it sitting right next to each other?  Well, with AirPods you can be on opposite sides of the room and still be jamming to the same tune. How cool is that? 

I know I've already mentioned this, but silent disco dancing — to music pumping at full force at 2.30am — without waking up the neighbours. It's so liberating, sans wires, to just throw your hands up in the air like you just don't care.  

On the same token, hitting the gym and smashing out some burpees without ripping out your earlopes. Massive plus.

Double tap for Siri. Double tap for the world at your ear drum.

Eating. When you want to lunch at your desk, but want to do it watching Carpool Karaoke, chucking in AirPods means no brown rice on your white cables.

Also, acts as a Bluetooth headset for phone calls. 

And automatically stops music when you have take out one AirPod out (to answer some banal question about why I always wear hats), and automatically resumes when you replace the Airpod (after explaining #thatsfashion). 

White Apple AirPods and jet black Apple iPhone 7 Plus


People whinging to you about some first world problem, but not realising that you're actually listening to a gospel version of Jealous (get onto it, don't knock it till you hear it) and can't hear a world they're saying. And when they finally cotton on, they crack it at you because they have to repeat their whole sob story. Umm, hello. Maybe tap me on the shoulder first? 

But, then again, recently a random tapped me on the shoulder and asked, "Are those Apple AirPods? I ordered mine weeks ago but there's still a four week delay." Phew. I thought he wanted to share the bench press.   

No wires also means super easy to lose.

Case in point: Getting changed after a gym sesh, and forgetting to take out your AirPods first, leading to a gross needle-in-a-haystack search through the used gym clothes bin. Like, ew. 

And, I'm sure this is already in the pipeline, but AirPods should really let you tap / swipe / click something to answer phone calls or skip through songs without having to activate Siri: "Hey Siri, please play 24k Magic by Bruno Mars."

Finally, it's another bloody thing to charge. When is Apple going to design an all-in-one charging station? Imagine having a small mat that charges all your devices — iPhone, MacBook, Apple Watch and AirPods — that you can roll up and take with you when you travel? Genius. I know. Tim Cook, make it happen.


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