Michael Kors launches its own wearable technology accessories line

Michael Kors launches its own wearable technology accessories line

Keeping time

Text: Denise Kok

Beginning with a fashion-first smartwatch fit for the runway

From Swarovski's crystal-laden activity trackers to Public School's uber sleek Fitbit collection, the world of wearable tech is no longer relegated to dull, functional devices that wouldn't turn any heads. They double up as accessories that wouldn't look out of place on the runway.    

Jumping onto the wearable tech wagon is American fashion label Michael Kors, which debuts its new wearable tech line — Michael Kors Access — today. 
"I'm in the business of making people's lives easier through fashion," says designer Michael Kors. "I thought, 'Why can't tech accessories be chic and glamorous?' You wear them every day. After all, technology is impacting life more and more. It should reflect your personal taste as much as anything else, but it should also give you access to all the experiences that you want."

Heralding the collection are Michael Kors Access smartwatches sporting playful, touchscreen displays which can morph from a digital chronograph design in the day to a glittery, animated pavé by night. Powered by Android Wear, the smartwatch comes with a built-in fitness tracker, voice-activated Google technology, and pushes social media and email alerts straight to your wrist. 

Available in sportier stylings for men and more elegant curves for women, the range is complemented by a suite of interchangeable leather and silicone wristbands that make it easy for you to switch up the look of the watch according to your mood.  

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