Memes and tweets about Zoom work meetings in 2020

Memes and tweets about Zoom work meetings in 2020

Long live Zoom

Text: Azrin Tan

From TikTok audio recordings that help you fake an unstable internet connection to tutorials that create virtual backgrounds to only make it seem like you're digitally present... 2020 has seen an unlimited frenzy of creative hacks to get ourselves out of the slew of Zoom meetings amidst the #WFH life. Throughout all this, with the presence of our beds, pets, spouses, and moms, the virtual work meet has also blurred any sort of boundaries we've tried to build up in its wake.


No matter how many jokes we make telling COVID-19 to wrap it up — we all know the pandemic's here to stay for a while longer... and with that, so is its partner-in-crime Zoom. From awkward silences to behind-the-cam personalities, here's a rundown of all the relatable Zoom experiences — past, present, future — encapsulated in meme.