#Lifehacks: The quickest way to de-wrinkle your clothes without using an iron

#Lifehacks: The quickest way to de-wrinkle your clothes without using an iron

A steamy affair

Text: Denise Kok

Image: LG,
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Bid goodbye to hefty dry cleaning bills

Ironing is a real chore. Even more so when you have an entire load of laundry to straighten out. While garment steamers are a less painful alternative, steaming clothes is still very much a manual affair dreaded by those allergic to housework.

Enter the LG Styler, a magic closet of sorts that takes in wrinkled garments and turns them out as boutique-ready togs. The tall, slim appliance harbours a powerful steamer that gently straightens out wrinkles while removing odours — including cigarette smoke — that clings to fabrics. A special compartment in the machine helps to define creases in your trousers while the steam works its magic on the rest of the garment.

LG Styler

Damp wool sweaters, knits, and non-washable fabrics will also benefit from the machine's Gentle Dry mode, which utilises warm air to draw moisture from apparel without causing them to shrink or stretch. 

Besides whipping your clothes into shape, the nifty machine also boasts a Sanitary cycle function that reduces allergens in fabrics, bedding, and even plush toys. Talk about an item we would truly love to receive for Christmas. 

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