Leica teams up with Master & Dynamic for an immersive audio experience

Leica teams up with Master & Dynamic for an immersive audio experience


Text: Janice Sim

It's time to shut out the world and put undisturbed, happy tunes on repeat

You know a collaboration is one to watch when it involves two reputable tech giants — namely luxury camera manufacturer Leica and US manufacturer of premium headphones and audio accessories, Master & Dynamic. 

Sleek aesthetics meet exquisite audio quality in this beautiful Master & Dynamic for 0.95 range. Our preferred option for busy people on the go? The stylish in-ear MEO5 earphones from the series, as it's an ideal travel-friendly option that serves its purpose especially when you're constantly shuttling across continents.

leica master dynamic earphones

While we were surprised by how heavy the earphones felt in our hands (its entire body is made out of solid brass), we were even more astonished to find that all the weight miraculously disappeared once we plugged it into our ears. Everything was perfectly balanced and secured without the feeling of it falling out.

leica master dynamic earphones

The sound acoustics in these earphones are undeniably brilliant, as brass being metal, helps to isolate any vibrations, while delivering crystal clear resonance when it comes to your favourite tunes. It also cancels out any outside noise that's unrequited — such as that lover's spat or crying child during the morning commute. What's more? We love that the cables are entirely tangle-free thanks to its flat body, which is perfect for anyone who doesn't believe in coiling up their earphones in a pretty pouch (a.k.a yours truly).

It's about time we go ears deep into Phoenix's latest album, completely uninterrupted.

Master & Dynamic for 0.95 is now available at all Leica stores.