The latest Apple app that every millennial needs

The latest Apple app that every millennial needs


Text: Janice Sim

Introducing Clips, the app that ups the fun factor in video making

With Instagram Stories and Facebook Live videos taking control over the social media realm, it is safe to say that real-time videos and broadcasts are not going anywhere. In fact, it is about time to make yours stand out from the rest of the influential pack. Apple's latest stroke of genius, Clips, which is available on the App Store for free, merges creativity and usability into a brilliant download.

With the help of a simple user interface, anyone can create their own personalised video that essentially combines video clips, photos with jazzy filters, fun graphics, music and even emojis that emulate how you're feeling about the upcoming long weekend or work on a Monday. 

One of its distinct smart features, Live Titles, allows you to add captions to the clip simply by speaking normally while the video records. Yes, with technology similar to our friend Siri, except she doesn't talk back. The beauty of Clips is that you can easily come up with creatively assembled videos within minutes, without having to go through lengthy tutorials that either involve technical editing timelines or complicated tools.

Transient communication gets the major uplift it so needs with Clips. Snap a video and a slap a comic filter on your face. Post it, no... wait. Insert a caption with your voice, "Dinner with friends!" Have your memories pop like 24K magic, as the whole user experience is about engaging your family, friends and hundreds of followers. That's not all — you can share your digital masterpiece easily through Messages, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. Telling a story and curating your life just got a whole lot more entertaining. 

Clips is available for download on the Apple Store.

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