5 things you didn't know your Kindle could do

5 things you didn't know your Kindle could do


Text: Janice Sim

Contrary to popular belief, you can do more than just read a good book on your trusty Kindle

More often than ever, your Kindle is sorely misunderstood. Some might call it obsolete, or others term it as just 'an electronic book'. But before you let the haters undermine your decision for making that initial purchase, rest assured that your humble little tablet actually has some tricks hidden up its sleeve. Here are five hacks to know:

1. Screenshot it 

Like the iPad, you can take a screengrab of your favourite page of the book. Simply tap two opposite corners of the screen and your Kindle will take a screenshot of the page. To view your snaps, load them into your computer with a USB.

2. Send a document

To do this, download the 'Send to Kindle' feature (available for PC, Mac and mobile) that enables you to send Word documents and PDFs to your Kindle. That way, you can easily review your lengthy work documents on-the-go.

3. Read articles from the web

While there's no data to access on your Kindle, you can still transfer web articles to your Kindle via a smart platform called Instapaper. Once you've created an account there, go to 'Settings' and choose 'Kindle' as your delivery option. After which, whenever you save an article to Instapaper, it will sync automatically to your Kindle device.

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4. Lend a book to your friend

Sharing is caring. After you've logged into your Amazon account, select 'Manage Your Content' and 'Device' from the tabs on the screen. Then click on the ellipses (...) action button next to your selected title and click 'Loan This Title'. While not all titles are available for loan, this could be a potential gateway to that (Kindle-only) book club you've always wanted to start.

5. Publish your own book for Kindle users

A note to aspiring authors (closeted or not), here's your chance to get your work out there. Self-publish your very own eBook with Kindle Direct Publishing by following these instructions here

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