Review: These JBL Reflect Fit earphones are just what every productive workout needs

Review: These JBL Reflect Fit earphones are just what every productive workout needs


Text: Janice Sim

With the JBL Reflect Fit, you'll never have to miss a beat during those evening sprints

Earphones for the discerning audiophile isn't quite the same as the plugs you need for every intensive workout. Beyond the needs of the perfect bass or stylish appearance (like AirPods or any of those cool cat wireless earbuds), what you really need while burning a ton of calories is a device that will stand the test of rapid movement — i.e. 45 minutes of pure mindless cardio or simply just getting your jumping jacks in.

JBL Reflect Fit

Look no further than these JBL Reflect Fit heart rate wireless earphones — basically created for the sole purpose of exercise. Thanks to its secure fit ergonomics, the buds stay stubbornly in your ears even while executing movements like burpees or high jumps. What the earphones aim to do is to function as a trusty aide without the wearer being conscious about its presence. That means no more fussing with your device while trying to clock in your best time on the tracks. We're talking distraction kept at an all-time low.

Designed with a chunky neckband which serves a purpose of keeping the device fastened securely without it being too restraining on the wearer, the JBL Fit is also gussied with a sweat-resistant rubber for obvious reasons.

JBL Reflect Fit

Heart rate feature? Cleverly on par with many of the optical heart rate sensors found in leading fitness trackers. The smart built-in sensor helps to make sure you stay on top of your health condition throughout vigorous sprints. Sound quality wise, it's relatively impressive with warm and lively acoustics, backed up with a taut bass. 

Consider us pumped for our next sweat sesh featuring Cardi B and her infectious slurs. Cheers JBL. 

Now available at leading retailers.

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