Bye Bluetooth: The JBL Playlist effortlessly streams your music via Chromecast

Bye Bluetooth: The JBL Playlist effortlessly streams your music via Chromecast


Text: Janice Sim

The smart home speaker that won't ever let you down

Here's our two cents on the Bluetooth function — it's still relevant, but unfortunately borderline ancient. Sorry Bluetooth, while you're a convenient bridging medium to stream our favourite tunes through a speaker, you're not always the best fit when it comes to delivering a consistent, undisturbed performance.

jbl playlist speaker

On that note, we've found a solution in the all-new JBL home speaker — the JBL Playlist, which integrates an in-built Chromecast on top of its Bluetooth foundation. How does it work? Under the master control of Wi-Fi, Chromecast allows listeners to stream music from their favourite music services like Spotify and Pandora onto the JBL Playlist. All you have to do is to simply tap on the Cast button in the music apps — and that's it, you're connected. Once that's done, your smartphone now acts as a remote for you to control the speaker's functions easily, without moving from your seat. Audiophiles can also be assured that the JBL Playlist offers unrivalled sound quality, thanks to its acoustic-friendly backing of a clean open surface, as well as a metal passive radiator to deliver a stellar bass performance.

Unlike Bluetooth, Chromecast doesn't require a fixed proximity in order to stay connected. Multiple devices can be synced at the same time, so everyone at home can get a chance to play DJ. It also allows uninterrupted music streaming, even with the inccessant buzzing on our phones — God only knows how many times we've been annoyed by our Whatsapp group chats.

jbl playlist speaker

Want to take things up a notch? You can, with the revolutionary Google Home voice assistant. With that in place, you can command the JBL Playlist to play your favourite Nelly hits. All you have to say is: "Google, play some hip-hop on JBL Playlist." Easy peasy, and you won't even have to lift a finger. Here's looking at our next house party, right after we get that killer playlist sorted. 

The JBL Playlist is now available in black, blue, and white colours at selected retailers.

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