How to make your iPhone battery last longer

How to make your iPhone battery last longer


Text: Janice Sim

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The last thing you want is to run out of juice, especially when you’re on the go

A day in the life of an atypical iPhone goes like this — the morning alarm, numerous texts, social media catch-ups, emails, more texts in between, social media updates on Instagram Stories, emails again... all that plus multiple browser tabs on the world's most pressing current affairs. After all, everything or rather everyone has now gone digital, no?

So if you thought your day was long, the truth is your iPhone probably had a much longer day than you give it credit for. And sure enough, it doesn't take long before that dreaded "20% battery remaining" notification pops up on your screen. If you're never the meticulous sort to carry around a nifty powerbank, here are some quick tips to make sure your iPhone withstands the grueling day before dropping dead.

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Scout out the "silent killers"
Detect the apps that are draining your iPhone's power. Go to Settings, and scroll down to Battery. Tap on it and you'll find your battery usage broken down app by app in the last 24 hours. If you've got a long day ahead of you, make sure to limit the usage of those apps that need the most battery. You'll also find the culprit apps sucking up your battery life with background activity — in other words, they're draining your power even when you're not actually using it. In this case, give it a big swipe up and close them.

Be on "Low Power Mode" patrol
We often wait till our gadgets hit 20% battery before tapping on Low Power Mode, but that honestly  doesn't last very long. Whenever your phone hits anything below 80%, head straight to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode. This buys you more time before the battery slowly starts depleting. 

Kill Siri off
Unless you're already dependent on the infinite wisdom of Siri to function, you don't need it using up battery life. Head to Settings > Siri > and shut it down, pronto.

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Turn off Automatic Downloads
When your phone is set to update apps automatically, it certainly will do its job, even when you're left with about 30% battery life. You can change that by going into Settings > iTunes & App Store > slide Use Cellular Data off, so it only updates when there's Wi-Fi available. 

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