iPhone 11 Pro review: On cameras, video quality, speed, battery life and more

iPhone 11 Pro review: On cameras, video quality, speed, battery life and more

Green with envy

Text: Janice Sim

"These cameras, are something else," is what I relayed to many of my friends and co-workers — who by the way — didn't ask. But I found it impeccable, and was perhaps too excitable in my first week of using the newest iPhone 11 Pro. You know, how the first week with a new phone is always the best? Like a peachy honeymoon phase, where the two are practically inseparable. Also, mine came in a midnight green, which happens to be Apple's self-proclaimed It colour of the season.

iPhone 11 Pro

Not to say, the candy coloured hues for the iPhone 11 aren't a hoot, because they are. In fact, they're a good reason to why you would purchase the 11, for a good price reduction as compared to its superior counterparts, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Having said that, they're superior for a reason. Once you've had a run with any of the Pros (whether it be the 5.8 inch or 6.5-inch), it would be hard to settle for an experience less than that.

The cameras

While the jury is still out on the façade of the triple rear camera (cue the hilarious memes that have been blowing up since news of the iPhone 11 Pro was released), it's easy to get use to how it looks, especially when your photos show up looking like it was shot on a professional's lens. The first two lenses are the same ones from the iPhone 11, with a 12 megapixel ultra wide and wide camera. The third? A telephoto lens with an aperture of f/2.0.

iPhone 11 Pro

Along with it, there's a swanky Night Mode, better bokeh in your portraits (that go beyond photographing just a single subject) and portrait lighting in more effects. From what our shaky hands has testified, it's hard to get a bad shot in. Quite often, we found ourselves in dimly-lit situations — and what we shot on iPhone 11 Pro came out brighter and sharper than what was witnessed before our very eyes while doing justice to the moody ambient lighting. What Apple's cameras have been doing immaculately (as compared to its competitors) is putting a realistic touch to the photos. Instead of rendering sharper images or beautifying faces, the tech brand honours faces and places just as they are. Also, the Pro provides a more powerful zoom. The ultra-wide angle lens allows more room in the shot, which means you don't have to be backing up just to get a shot of 20 people in a constrained space.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

It's weird, because when we had the iPhone XS in our hands — we didn't think photos could get any better. Now, it almost seems impossible to revert back to an older model.

The videos

This might only be remarkable in the eyes' of the pros or creatives who make their bread and butter from video production, but it's still a plausible milestone to what smartphones can do these days. Our device captures 4k-resolution videos at 60 frames per second. While you're shooting, your phone's camera takes care of exposure levels and white balance in the background as subjects come and go or entering a different location. You can still manually change the settings, that is if you're an obsessive artist (we know a few of those); but if you wanted an off-day, the iPhone 11 Pro is here for you.

Let's not forget, being able to capture front-facing videos that go at 120fps is pretty awesome— as what Apple dubs "slofies". *Hair-flips

The sound

Crisp, clear, and optimal for watching videos. That's basically half the time when we're on our phones anyway. Whether it be screening a sci-fi movie from Netflix (or perhaps the upcoming Apple TV+) or checking out your friends' Stories on Instagram, there's less noise clutter and more clarity with the improved sound system housed within.

iPhone 11 Pro

The battery

In our line of work, there's never a dull day. Starting with events (with excessive documenting), social media shoutouts, emails on-the-go, calls with our bosses, workouts to track, and last but not least, sneaking in slofies whenever we can on a good hair day. Even with all that, the iPhone 11 Pro is still functioning (without a second charge) till the moment we get back home. Can't really complain, can we?

The iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are now available in all Apple stores. For more information, click here.