Why would one need an Apple iPad 9.7\"?

Why would one need an Apple iPad 9.7"?


Text: Janice Sim

A powerful tool for the future leaders of the world

When the first ever iPad broke into the market in 2010, the world went absolutely ballistic. It was bigger than a smartphone and handier than a clunky laptop. Everything boiled down to its novelty. Through the years, the famed tablet has reinvented itself over and over again — serving up better upgrades and slimmer cuts to our insatiable community.

Eight years later, most of us have settled into the idea of the tablet staple. We could already have ourselves an old version, or might be currently obsessed over our latest iPhone splurge. How does the newest installment of Apple's iPad 9.7" fit into the picture?

iPad 9.7

Well, this reboot serves a different, important purpose — it's a remarkable educational tool. Apart from checking all the boxes of what a savvy tablet can do (read: uber-HD retina screen and Apple A10 built-in chip), the iPad 9.7" is destined for greater things — such as building up the future leaders of the world.

iPad 9.7

Driven by advanced sensors that deliver an immersive augemented reality experience, the device bridges digital and learning seamlessly like its predecessors have never done before. For starters, there are a string of classroom friendly apps: Schoolwork which helps teachers to create assignments as well as Everyone Can Create, which provides a gateway of resources to weave topics like music, filmaking, and drawing into any curriculum. The spiffy iOS 11 also signifies brilliant things for the new iPad. The dock lays a perfect base to access frequently used apps while making it easier to multitask with Split View and Slide Over. Multi-tasking at its best. 

iPad 9.7

That's not all. This iPad peaks to its full potential with the aid of the smart new Apple Pencil. The screen is altered accordingly, comprising of a palm-rejection technology that identifies your side of your hand so you won't have to be fussed about creating a mark while using the pencil. Users can have fun with drawing, marking up documents and even exploring the suite of apps with ease — i.e. dissecting a frog without actually having to get your hands dirty. 

iPad 9.7

Safe to say, the iPad 9.7" has moved on from the average Joe and onwards to revolutionising the classrooms of the future. Now, that is one thing that can never be obsolete. 

The Apple iPad 9.7" is priced from $498 and the Apple Pencil is priced separately at $138. Now available at the Apple Orchard store and authorised resellers.