Instagram's new app Threads: A camera-first messaging platform for your close friends

Instagram's new app Threads: A camera-first messaging platform for your close friends

Inner circle only

Text: Allison Kim

Just when you think Instagram was the only social media application you needed, it goes ahead to shake things up. Recently, with its new app — Threads. Which is targeted for close friends whom you share many inside jokes and secrets that are sworn to the grave. Well with Threads, you'll be able to share photos and daily happenings with your pals in a faster, efficient way. Those who are already using the Close Friends feature on Instagram Stories, will be able to migrate the entire group to this new app. For those who don't, you may simply create a new group on Threads.

Threads Instagram app

Built-in shortcuts are all you have to learn about the app. The app opens directly to the camera, where you can snap a quick shot of your massive stress zit or that dashing server at your favourite cafe. To send or delete photos, all you need is a swipe. Next to the shutter button, are profiles of people that you're in contact with most of the time, which is also customisable for future photo-sharing. There are also statuses for you to set updates on what you're doing, feeling, or where you're hanging out at. Safe to say, we already know a few names that we won't be including in this newfound app.

Threads Instagram app

It's fast, it's private, and you won't fall into the precarious situation of blasting a racy changing room selfie to your entire following. Because as silly as it sounds, it happens. There's a level of intimacy that Threads provide (a feature that has been missing with Instagram increasingly becoming a tool for professional growth, and simply put, for the public eye). Call it a direct intrusion on privacy, but done right in the name of good friendship.

Threads is available on iOS and Android.

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