Ikea’s Home Smart range: Wireless speakers, smart lighting system, and electric blinds

Ikea’s Home Smart range: Wireless speakers, smart lighting system, and electric blinds

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Text: Cheryl Lai-Lim

As technology rapidly evolves, so do our homes. A smart home system goes beyond asking Google to play the latest hits or checking on weather updates. Now, you can utilise smart devices for a range of activities: from turning on the lights without getting up to vacuuming the floor entirely for you. To meet this uptick demand for such snazzy devices, Ikea has launched a Home Smart range with smart home devices to help make life at home that much easier.

The Swedish brand has recently partnered with audio experts Sonos to launch the SYMFONISK collection, consisting of a table lamp speaker and a bookshelf speaker. Doubling as both a light source and a speaker, the SYMFONISK table lamp is great for minimalists and those who dislike clutter. Beyond a simple decorating piece, the table lamp speaker delivers glowy, warm lighting whilst delivering your favourite music through its WiFi system.


The other wireless speaker in the current collection is the bookshelf speaker. Whilst it's shaped more like a traditional speaker, it looks great either perched on your bookshelves or mounted on the wall as a floating shelf. The bookshelf speaker can be laid flat horizontally or vertically and can even be used as a small shelf or bedside table due to its flat surface. Both speakers use a WiFi sytem to stream audio so as to avoid any interruptions that may come from phone notifications or calls. If you purchase more than one speaker, each can be controlled individually or together to provide a surround sound system.

IKEA SYMFONISK Bookshelf Speaker

With smart sound comes smart lighting. Create the ultimate ambience with the TRÅDFRI collection. The collection offers three different kinds of light bulbs that provide a spectrum of lighting to suit the atmosphere you're seeking out. To control, you've got three wireless options. If you're looking for an easier lighting control system, get the TRÅDFRI wireless dimmer to simply dim or turn your lights on and off. For those who prefer to control more lighting options, the TRÅDFRI remote control allows you to control the intensity or colour of your lights. Or, opt for the TRÅDFRI Gateway and pair it with the Ikea Home Smart app. This allows you to activate and control up to 50 LED light sources from anywhere. The Gateway can also be used to control your other IKEA Home Smart devices.

IKEA Home Smart Lighting System

Closing out the new Ikea Home Smart range are smart electric blinds. Gone are the days where you struggle with the strings of your window blinds. Instead, simply automate your blinds to go up or down with the touch of a button. Ikea has rolled out two collections. The KADRILJ smart blinds are made up of sheer material that reduces reflections of the light on television and computer screens. On the other hand, the FYRTUR collection features block-out roller blinds to, as its name suggests — block out all light from outside. To go all out, by adding the TRÅDFRI gateway to your home WiFi router and downloading the Ikea Home smart app, you can even program a fixed timing for the blinds to roll up and down. Instead of flooding your room with light early on in the morning, the smart blinds can slowly roll up to let in light gradually as you lay in bed snoozing. Sounds like a newfound wake up call we can get behind.

IKEA Home Smart Electric Blinds

The Ikea Home Smart range which includes the SYMFONISK collection, the TRÅDFRI collection and the FYRTUR collection are all now available.