Why IGTV could be Instagram's smartest feature yet

Why IGTV could be Instagram's smartest feature yet


Text: Janice Sim

Is there anything Instagram can't do?

When Instagram first debuted in 2010, we were convinced it was just a photo-sharing app. Boy, were we mistaken.  

Fast forward eight years, it has changed the way people travel, birthed the careers of influencers, and superseded every social media tool (casualties including Snapchat and Vine) with its groundbreaking features. First came Instagram Stories, and now the recent unveiling of IGTV. This just in: our constricting data plans are in serious jeopardy.

Drawing a dangerous resemblance to the fan-favourite platform, YouTube, IGTV delivers longer content on your feed, which runs up to an hour long. Within the app, there are four tabs to tap on — 'For You', 'Following', 'Popular', and 'Continue Watching'. You'll see content from the users and brands that you follow, as well as others that you don't, all thanks to Instagram's magical algorithm.

IGTV Instagram

The move is bold, without a doubt; but also incredibly smart. The introduction of IGTV cements its presence as a vital business model in today's media landscape. As for common folk like you and I? Well, it could mean so much more. Here's why we're hooked: 

Free mindless TV 
No subscription plans, no remotes needed. You can access non-committal videos from the comforts of your sheets. Just this week, Netflix IGTV-ed an hour of Cole Sprouse demolishing a burger on loop. We can't wait to see what's next. 

Instant access to our favourite brands
Runway shows and cooking demos are just a click away. We will probably save plenty on time and Google search words. 

Better, prolonged content from our favourite people
If you have been religiously watching their IG stories, you will probably love their IGTV content even more. Think longer, smarter, themed videos. Our current favourites are Eva Chen, John Mayer and Aimee Song

Our moment to shine 
More screen time also means extended travel adventures, wittier commentaries, and above all — so much more fun. IGTV is our avenue to deliver content — whether it be a useful platform to put our talents on display or simply where we can show a longer video of our pet cat mastering a trick. The stage is yours. 

Update your Instagram app to explore IGTV, or you can download the separate IGTV app when it launches.